Cleaning Your Spiritual Garage

by | Apr. 11, 2014

Makes You Think

Cars and trucks are not cheap. Just recently, my wife and I were hunting for a new vehicle, and we priced lots of cars. I suspect in each driveway and along the road in front of the homes, there were $30,000 to $60,000 worth of cars and trucks, lolling around gathering snow and ice. To me, that amount is a bunch of money.

Then, just after that realization burst through my brain, I noticed another driveway leading to an open garage. Slowing my pace and peering surreptitiously into the garage, I noticed a few things: boxes stacked three or four deep, old boards and a decrepit-looking metal shelf with additional smaller boxes stacked haphazardly on the shelves. Also, scattered helter-skelter on the floor were all sorts of toys, trikes, a bicycle or two and a cadre of other things.

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