Cloud-Based Story-Sharing Platform Uses Technology to Bring Families Closer Together

EveryStory, a new cloud-based story-sharing platform available on iOS and Android, brings the concept of traditional family storytelling to the 21st century. In a time where technology is perceived as a tool that can create barriers between family members and friends (texting, video games), EveryStory provides families from all parts of the world the opportunity to permanently save the voices and stories behind photos, old and new.

“The history of one’s family is of utmost importance. I believe that the existence of a technology that can save personal and family history in such a meaningful way is truly remarkable,” said Edward Cox, EveryStory CEO. “The company was founded after our CTO, Dave Keene, the former Senior Software Architect of the PlayStation Network, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. His fear was that his stories would never be passed down to his son and therefore lost. Thankfully, he survived, but the near tragedy catalyzed his decision to create EveryStory.”

This brand new, user-friendly app embodies an infinite number of uses. With EveryStory, users can capture voices of children as they grow, the stories of aging grandparents, once-in-a-lifetime events like marriage proposals stories, weddings, and much more. The platform, accessible via mobile device and desktop, allows people to relive life’s most memorable moments through the perspective of those telling the stories. Over time, the collection of stories can become an ever-changing and collaborative digital family tree.

Users can import photos from a computer or mobile device photo album, or scan physical photos directly into the app using a device camera. The platform integrates a social network component by encouraging users to tag photos with people, location, subject, and date. To create an interactive photo-album, EveryStory lets multiple users record audio on the same photos, in a shared album or within a group. Users can simply tap a tagged person’s name to hear the story that is connected to a specific photo or album.

By downloading the application and creating an account by Oct. 6, 2015, users will receive storage for 1,000 photos (double the normal amount) along with unlimited audio recording for free.

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Click here for more information on EveryStory. To download and sign up for EveryStory on iOS or Android, please visit the App Store.

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