Angela Lansbury Sings Unbelievable "Beauty and the Beast" with Tabernacle Choir, Shares Surprising Reaction to Becoming Disney's Original Mrs. Potts

"I thought to myself, 'Can I ever do this beautiful lyric justice?'" Angela Lansbury says about the moment she was approached by Disney to sing Beauty and the Beast's title song, "Tale as Old as Time."

She continues, "But when Disney showed me the drawings for the snuggly, beaming Mrs. Potts, I said to myself, 'I knew this kind of cockney lady when I was growing up in London. And from that memory is exactly where I found her voice."

Recently, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir released this beautiful video of Angela Lansbury singing this classic Disney song, which reaches a new level of enchantment when the choir and orchestra join their voices to Lansbury's.

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