Get Your Scriptures Organized with HolyTabbs

HolyTabbs is now the fastest growing scripture marking system in the world! Spreading to over 11 different countries, HolyTabbs kits have helped thousands of saints more effectively mark and study the scriptures. 

Whitney Zander, from West Jordan, Utah writes, “I love HolyTabbs!! I got them because I am preparing for a mission, and I got new scriptures. I wanted my scriptures to be marked with a purpose; Holy Tabbs is perfect because it helps you sync your scriptures with Preach My Gospel and makes it easier to find the scriptures… I would recommend them to everyone!” Just like Whitney, hundreds of missionaries across the globe are thrilled to finally have a simple way to organize scriptures into Preach My Gospel lesson topics! Personal study, lesson preparation, and teaching have never been more effective and fun.

HolyTabbs are invaluable for every missionary, seminary student, teacher, and member who want to take their scripture study to the next level. “I love Holytabbs and how it helps me focus my scripture study. Next year’s youth theme is focusing on missionary work and as a young women's leader, I know this will really help me teach!” said Dani Lybbert from Nampa, Idaho. Using HolyTabbs, everyone can become a scripture marking genius and find favorite scriptures in a matter of seconds.

Now is the time to discover how HolyTabbs can improve your personal scripture experience! Find out more and order your kit today at www.holytabbs.com, your local LDS bookstore, or any Deseret Book location.

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