Women, I Will Never Tell You That You're All Beautiful Because You're More Than Beautiful

Recently, Mallory Everton of Studio C attended an event put on by LDS twins Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite, who both have Ph.D.s in the study of media and body image. Together, the Kites created the non-profit Beauty Redefined that helps women find more self-worth and confidence by seeing so much more in themselves than their bodies

After the event, Mallory Everton took to Instagram, sharing a message every woman and girl could benefit from hearing:

"I went to a great event for Beauty Redefined and walked out bursting with gratitude for my entire body, none of which pertained to how I look. In my line of work, you might think I'd be valued for my skills as a writer or comedian, but honestly, the most common thing I hear is 'I love your hair!'
"There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it's discouraged me, made me wonder if I wasn't as funny as the boys because I was receiving feedback about my appearance (positive and negative) while they were being told they were hilarious. And I've often noticed that even our body-positive comments on social media fall short a lot of the time.
"So I'm not gonna do that thing where I say 'Hey, even though I've got wrinkles and cellulite and no thigh gap, I'm still beautiful! We're all beautiful!' Because if I said that, no matter how nice and self-esteemy it might seem, I'D STILL BE TALKING ABOUT HOW I LOOKED.
"Don't look at me, listen to me. GIRLS: I will never tell you that you're all beautiful because you're MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL. We are instruments (for innovation, creativity, adventure), not objects. Seriously, check out Beauty Redefined. These are super smart women debunking an empire of ageist, sexist, racist, shame-inducing 'beauty' culture and they mean business."
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