Holding Off the World with Returned Missionaries

If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?”

Ummmm… Probably not.

A simple line in a Primary song serves as a slap upside the head when self-evaluating. Luckily, the odds of Jesus hanging out with me are very, very slim, so the song doesn’t feel too immediately threatening.

I think we have all wondered how we would react if Jesus, or President Monson, were to stay at our house for a day or two, and what adjustments we would make.

Personally, I am afraid that with me, there would be a little too much “Martha,” and not enough “Mary.” I would be whispering to my kids to use good table manners, stop touching each other and turn off SpongeBob. I would probably be less of a slob around the house, and use gentler tones when speaking, etc. In other words, I would pretend to be somebody else.

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