How To Love Going To Church Every Week

“You go to church services for 3 hours every week?” I was asked incredulously by a dental patient the other day. He knew I was a Mormon and asked about our Sunday services. “I sure do,” I answered with a smile “and those 3 hours are some of the best of the entire week“. He rolled his eyes and smiled. I could see him holding back a skeptical or sarcastic reply. He also probably didn’t want to antagonize the guy who was getting ready to do some work on his teeth.

This isn’t an unusual response when non-Mormons find out we have 3 hours of Sunday worship services. So the legitimate question is: why? Why spend 3 straight hours at church worship services every week?

It may be as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1 desire, 2 stories, and 3 gospel principles.

1 Desire: What if you went to church this Sunday with one desire on your mind and in your prayers–“Heavenly Father, guide me to someone this Sunday at church who needs my smile, my testimony, my comment, my conversation, my friendship, my service.

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