How to Never Miss a Day Reading Scriptures

by | Jul. 29, 2014


Today’s post is all about something that up until last January, was super hard for me… consistent scripture reading.  Whether you read The Bible or The Bible AND The Book of Mormon, daily devotionals, or whatever else enriches your life, this can work for you.

Okay, so as a member of the Mormon church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), we are asked to actively STUDY the scriptures.  And despite the fact that when I do, I learn a ton, I evaluate myself for short-comings, I find answers to prayers, and I feel inspired to be a better person… it’s still hard to make it a habit to read the scriptures every day.  It’s been hard my whole life.  I get too busy, too tired, too lazy, whatever.  But, now I got it down, sista.  I haven’t missed a day since January 1st and it’s all because of a simple little trick.  The best thing ever.

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