Huff Post Answers: Do Mormons Celebrate Easter?

Check out this cool article from the Huffington Post highlighting Mormons and how they celebrate Easter.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often called “Mormons,” are peculiar Christians, to be sure. For example, they don’t have any crosses on their buildings yet they emphatically believe in Jesus Christ.

But if they don’t wear the cross, how do Mormons express worship or reverence for Jesus Christ? And with Easter just around the corner, how do Mormons celebrate the Easter season?

The answer is the same: emphatically.

Although Mormons do not typically participate in the traditions of Lent, Ash Wednesday, or Good Friday, they do study and learn from them. Furthermore, Mormons dedicate their Easter Sacrament Meeting to celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Around the Easter season (sometimes on Easter Sunday itself) Mormons will gather in Salt Lake City (and around the world) to listen to their leaders testify of Jesus Christ through inspirational talks centered on Christ’s teachings.

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