Huff Post Shares Instagram Account with Mormon Photographer for a Day

What would you do if the Huffington Post gave you control of their Instagram account for the day? Latter-day Saint Chris Burkard used it as a way to share his testimony of God's presence in various places around the world. 

Since picking up a camera in high school, Burkard has traveled to Iceland, India, Norway, Russia and many other countries in pursuit of nature's wonders. In his photographs, human figures are often lost in the vastness of icy mountain ranges or thunderous waterfalls. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he said it's his faith that helps him connect with the places he visits.

Burkard agreed to take over HuffPost Religion's Instagram account on Friday, and he shared six reflections about his faith journey. Scroll down to see photos from his travels and head over to Burkard's Instagram page for more images.

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