Innovating Home Teaching: Thoughts from Clay Christensen & James Quigley

Great inspiration comes to those that listen to genius. Great minds challenge one to think deeper about the problem in front of them. One of those geniuses is Clayton Christensen. Not only is he a Harvard Business Professor and famous author he is also a Latter-Day Saint and former Area Seventy. I enjoy listening to him solve business and leadership problems because it makes me wonder if his answers would be similar if asked to solve similar LDS leadership problems.

Clay Christensen and James Quigley (also LDS and a former bishop) were interviewed by The Economist about leadership, corporate culture, and disruptive innovation. I imagine a conversation about innovating home teaching would garner similar answers.

Let’s see what we can learn…

As an Elder’s Quorum President or a Relief Society President have you ever had a new idea for solving a problem that should be implemented? Maybe it is regarding how home teaching is organized, or maybe it is regarding your quorum meeting format. Your new idea feels so profound you can’t wait to share it with the quorum. When you do share the idea, you see some initial excitement and buy-in, but over a few weeks you see no lasting effects take hold. In reality, what you are trying to do with a new idea is change quorum culture—the way success happens. Clay Christensen knows why this is usually difficult…

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