6 Ways to Love Church, Even When It Seems Boring

H is for Holy Sabbath

If you saw the October 1997 New Era, you probably read the article about Eli Herring. If you don't recognize the name, well, there's a reason for that. You see, Eli made a certain choice after graduating from BYU. USA Today said he would have been a first-round draft pick in the NFL, but he decided not to enter the draft. The reason? He didn't want to play football on Sunday. When the press interviewed his father, Eli's father said, "Our great-grandfathers called it the Holy Sabbath. Our grandfathers called it the Sabbath. Our fathers called it Sunday. And we call it the weekend" (David L. Herring, Cougar Club Newsletter, May 9, 1995, Vol. 10, No. 9).

If we're not careful, we might follow in the footsteps of the world and allow the Sabbath to be become less and less important in our lives. . . .

You can get more from your Sunday meetings by re-enthroning the Sabbath day in your life. Because Sunday television has become such a temptation for sports fans, Elder Joe J. Christensen recommended [recording] the games, then watch them on another day when you can fast-forward through the commercials. (Fast- forwarding through commercials is one of life's great joys). . . .

Elder Joe J. Christensen also said, "Make Sundays special, and they will help make you special in the sight of the Lord. Who was it that said, 'It is not so much that the Jews kept the Sabbath,' but rather, over the centuries, 'The Sabbath kept the Jews.' Keeping the Lord's day holy will do the same for you"(BYU Devotional and Fireside Speeches, 1993-1994, 64). . . .

John Bytheway: How to Love Church, Even When It Seems Boring

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