6 Ways to Love Church, Even When It Seems Boring

R is for Respect

I firmly believe, that when you disrespect your called-and-sustained teachers, you disrespect the One who called them. In other words, you disrespect the Lord. Folks, that's a sin.

Our modern media doesn't teach respect. It teaches that you have to dish out clever put-downs to earn applause. Don't believe it. It's false. The Lord teaches reverence and respect. . . . As a Sunday School teacher, almost every week, I have to go out into the foyer and literally pull people off the couches into class. It shouldn't be that way. . . . You know where you're supposed to be. And your attendance in Sunday School shouldn't be based on whether the teacher is funny or not. We don't go to church because it's fun. We go because we love the Lord, and he wants us there to strengthen each other and to remember him. Show genuine respect to your leaders and teachers, and you'll be showing it to the Lord.

John Bytheway: How to Love Church, Even When It Seems Boring

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