LDS Missionaries Post Foods You Won't Believe They Ate on Their Missions on Instagram

by | Aug. 06, 2018

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There's nothing quite like going to a different country and trying new culinary delicacies, even though they may have eyes, toenails, or tentacles still attached. 

So to document new and intriguing foods they encounter, missionaries have sent in pictures of their culinary adventures on the Instagram account Called to Eat.

While some of these foods you might have heard of before, others . . . well, you have to see for yourself. 

"This is called Kuy. It’s a fancy, high priced food in Ecuador that is considered a delicacy. In America we call them Guinea Pigs. It literally tastes like death rolled over. They even eat the little toenails on it..." @tanner.nock of the Guayaquil Ecuador 🇪🇨 mission. ... Tag a friend who has served in Ecuador! ... #missionecuadorguayaquilnorth #mormonmissionary #ldsmissionary #missionarywork #calledtoserve #calledtoeat #lds #mormon #latterdaysaint

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“Meat Jello, just as horrible as it sounds. I thought it was a joke the first time someone offered to cut me a slice!” - @brett_jaynes of the Samara, Russia Mission #lds #mission #mormon #russians

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"This innocent looking "candy" is actually dried curdled milk 🍼. It's everywhere and it comes in this soft version and a hard brick that pretty much breaks your teeth. The soft version is mushy and gritty. If you don't gag on the initial taste, getting it down your throat is nearly impossible. They also take this stuff and boil it into a drink which they love to drink when it gets cold outside. Missionaries describe it as baby throw up and once you hear it described that way its hard to taste it anyway else. It's extremely chunky which adds to the throw up feel." - @travissn92 from the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 🇲🇳 mission. #mormonmissionary #ldsmissionary #missionarywork #calledtoserve #calledtoeat #lds #mormon #latterdaysaint

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For more pictures, check out @calledtoeat on Instagram. 

All pictures from @calledtoeat
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