LDS Siblings Spend 100+ Hours Creating the New Provo Temple from Gingerbread

Over 12 batches of gingerbread--that's a lot of time, effort, and sugar that went into creating this stunning replica of what will be the 150th temple worldwide when the Provo City Center Temple is dedicated on March 20.

The recent excitement over the opening of the new Provo City Center Temple has inspired some creative model renditions of the 85,084 square-foot structure. BYU student Jacob Willmore, along with his siblings Nathan and Elise Willmore, constructed a gingerbread replica of the new temple over Christmas break.

Their creation consisted of a dozen batches of gingerbread, 124 stained glass windows, waffle cones, Wheat Chex, candy and plenty of fondant icing. The construction took four days of hard work and attention to details.

“We started the day after Christmas and probably put at least a good eight hours or so into it a day,” Jacob said. “Honestly we didn’t track hours, but it’s gotta be well over a hundred.”

Image from the Digital Universe.
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