LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Jan 3 - 9)

Church Releases Official 2015 Youth Theme Video: Embark

Be sure to watch and share this inspiring video created around the 2015 mutual theme.

--> Learn more about the 2015 mutual theme.

Church Responds to Controversial TLC Show


The new TLC show "My Husband's Not Gay" has been causing quite a stir in the media.  The show features four LDS men who are attracted to other men but have chosen to develop meaningful relationships with women.  As a result of its controversial content, much of the criticism surrounding the show has been directed towards the LDS Church.  

Though the Church has no connection with the show, it released a statement in response to the media coverage.  

--> Read the Church's statement.

18 Mormons on Reality TV Who Stood for Their Standards


Mormons have had their fair share of the limelight—and have let their light so shine at the same time. Find out where some Latter-day Saints have made appearances on reality TV shows, read about their successes, and learn how they stood for their values and beliefs through it all.


In a game she describes as “somewhat diabolical,” Latter-day Saint Dawn Meehan showed she has what it takes to survive. Meehan was one of 18 competitors onSurvivor: South Pacific, which aired on CBS in 2011. “I knew that as a Latter-day Saint this would be difficult; it’s nearly impossible to win Survivor and live each day like we do as Christians and Latter-day Saints.”

--> Find out more about Meehan and other Mormon reality TV stars.

7 Financial Mistakes Every Latter-day Saint Family Should Avoid


Self-reliance and provident living are important to living both a gospel-centered and a happy life.  But, even despite diligent efforts to save up and live within our means, many of us fall into the same financial traps.  From car payments to food storage, learn about the most common financial dangers that Mormon families often fall prey to. 

--> Find out these 7 common financial mistakes.

How I Lost 140 Pounds by Relying on the Lord


Losing 140 pounds is no easy feat. Just ask Trent Heppler. Never in a million years did he believe that he would one day shed the weight, let alone run a marathon. But Heppler learned that the power to overcome his physical weaknesses—whatever they may be—comes from a spiritual strength gained through the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Growing up overweight and self-conscious, Latter-day Saint Trent Heppler always felt that exercise was just another form of torture invented to make him feel inadequate.

But he masked his insecurities well.

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