Lindsey Stirling Shares How Her Faith Keeps Her Sane & Safe

MR says: Check out what Lindsey Stirling has to say about her musical success and how her faith sustains her through it all.

The term “self-made artist” has never applied more than it does to Lindsey Stirling, who got started by taking a class on how to create a career on the web. When Stirling then posted her first original song and video, “Spontaneous Me,” on YouTube under the username “lindseystomp” — an homage to her high school rock band, Stomp on Melvin — she never expected to get over 22 million views. But her independent path to success should not have been too surprising, as Stirling delivers high energy and music that’s not like anything else out there: violin meets electronic dance music. Based on fan requests, she posts videos of cover songs partnering with artists, such as John Legend and Macklemore, and theme songs from Game of Thrones and The Phantom of the Opera, all with choreographed dancing.

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