One Thing Your Loved Ones Who Leave the Church Need to Know

When a loved one makes a decision that doesn't align with our beliefs, it can be painful and heartbreaking. But, it is important to remember they are also experiencing pain, heartbreak, and frustration. Here's one thing we should make sure these friends and family members know.

I get a message every other month or so from a friend or relative who knows someone who isn’t merely struggling with their faith but who has announced they’re past that point. They are leaving the church. Exit narratives, like our monthly testimony meetings, often follow a similar formula including a list of problems they’ve discovered in church history, belief, or practice.

I got another message today. 

When this happens you might be tempted to rush in with rebuttals to each listed point, some more easily confronted than others. . . . My experience suggests if things have gotten to this point, debating with typical apologetic responses might just make the situation worse.

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