Opinion: Is Fox News Anti-Mormon?

Fox News is the mouthpiece for the evangelical religious right and the evangelical religious right has a problem with the Mormon religion which some claim, at best, is not true Christianity and, at worst, a cult. So was it coincidence or design when Southern Christian conservative Ainsley Earhardt said, during a recent Fox & Friends show, that Mitt Romney isn't a Christian? The interesting thing is that this isn't the first time that Fox News has offended Mormons! Whoopsie?

During the Sunday July 17th Fox & Friends, Ainsley Earhardt, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris were discussing whether possible GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry would be able to raise as much money as Mitt Romney. Earhardt, a Southern Christian, said, “Well the Christian coalition, I think he (Perry) can get a lot of money from that base because of Romney obviously not being a Christian." Briggs said "Oh, Yes." Later in the show, Earhardt issued a retraction - or was it?

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