Our 10 Favorite Mormon Moments from 2015

2. Ellen DeGeneres Gives Returned Missionary an Incredible Surprise

Returned missionary and Ellen DeGeneres fan Carly Christiansen received an incredible gift from her idol: a brand new car. Recently, Christiansen was given a "pre-show tour" of the studio, a tour that was really just a ruse to hide the fact that she was going to be featured on the show. Check out her priceless reaction!

I found the thing I need for every big surprise. Andy on a hoverboard. Thanks, Ford Motor Company. #LaughDancePartner

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1. Touching Moment from Conference Goes Viral, Inspires Thousands

As the camera spanned the choir during the October Saturday afternoon session of conference, many of you might have spotted two young boys in the choir holding hands. It was a beautiful image of love and support, but the story behind this moment is even more touching.

According to a post shared by Kristi Medina, the smaller boy requires the support of a walker to get to his classes in school. But he was able to stand straight and tall and sing proudly in general conference this weekend because of the support and helping hand of his brother. These young boys stand as living testimonies and a tender reminder of what it means to nurture, support, and sustain our fellows Saints in the gospel. They also show us how giving even the smallest pieces of ourselves—our voices or our hands—can change another's world.

These boys touch my heart as I watched them sing today. I thought of the many times I've seen them in the school hall.... Posted by Kristy Medina on Saturday, October 3, 2015

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