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What the 3 New Apostles Said About Being Called to the Quorum of the Twelve


Three new Apostles were called today as the 98th, 99th, and 100th Apostles called to the Quorum of the Twelve, a historic and exciting opportunity. Find out how these inspiring men reacted when the call was extended to them and the testimonies they shared during a press conference held Saturday.

During the conference, Elder Rasband shared that he knew this calling was the Lord's decision and that "there’s nothing about this that was politically motivated."

Elder Stevenson recalled his calling as "a knee-buckling moment for me," but one that "was a very sweet, short experience with the First Presidency. It was not something that I had expected." 

And Elder Renlund shared his complete shock: “Wherever the sweet spot is between apoplectic and catatonic, that’s where I was." He later admitted to falling to his knees when he was alone in his office.

Hear more from these newest Apostles by watching the press conference below, which begins at approximately 7:01:00.

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