The 9 Funniest Mormon Moments of 2016

Awkward Romney and Trump Photo Sparks Hilarious Reaction on Social Media

While news outlets across the country were concerned with who President-elect Donald Trump would appoint to the secretary of state position after his and Mitt Romney's dinner, social media users seem more preoccupied with the awkwardness captured by photos of the event. 

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Take just a few moments to enjoy a little laugh as you read these hilarious tweets about Romney and Trump's meeting:

Hilarious "Inside Out" Parody Shows What It's Like Inside an LDS Guy's Head on a Date

This year, the men in the 26th Ward in Provo, Utah, did something unexpected to show the girls in their ward that they appreciate them: they created an ingenious Disney parody. What better combination is out there than Disney, gospel truths, and sincere compliments to win over a girl's heart?

The video pulls inspiration from Inside Out and shows the competing emotions going on inside a guy's head when asking and taking a girl on a date. 

Video originally found on LDS Daily.
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