The 21 Most Significant and Innovative LDS Temples

The numerous Mormon Temples vary wildly in terms of design, size, occupancy, and originality. For the purposes of this list, any temple – dedicated, announced, under construction – is fair game, including Mormon temples before the succession crisis that might not be in Church hands anymore, but not “Mormon” temples that were built later on by splinter groups (e.g. Kirtland is in play, but the Community of Christ’s temple in Independence is out).

So without further adieu, follow along for the definitive, completely subjective list of the Top 20 Mormon Temples.

21. Laie Hawaii Temple 


Dedicated 1919 by Heber J. Grant

The Laie Hawaii Temple represented a bold foray into Polynesia and a major cultural and economic investment in the North Shore area of Oahu.

It shares an architectural pedigree with the Cardston and Mesa Temples and was the only Pacific outpost of the Church until the Hamilton New Zealand Temple.

20. Preston England Temple


Dedicated in 1998 by Gordon B. Hinckley.

Sure, London beat the Midlands on a temple by a good forty years, but the Midlands were the first area of the UK – if not Europe – where missionaries set foot. And today, this part of the UK is arguably the most densely LDS of any part of Europe, so it’s only appropriate that this region receives its own temple.

Also, bonus points for the overuse of brass on the second level. Seriously, it’s everywhere almost to the point of cruise ship gaudiness. But like they say, when in Chorley….

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