The Lord Has a Hand in Designing His Temples, Interior Designers Say

“It was my favorite feeling when you get past the gate of the temple, . . . you can feel a difference of power. You can feel the air is different,” Jun Eae Kim, a 20-year temple interior designer, says. 

As interior designer Gloria Kummer reflects on her 11 years designing LDS temples, the sweet memory of a young woman helping local families install furniture in the El Salvador Temple stands out in her mind.

“She saw the [baptismal] font, and she came to tears because as a teenager, she knew she could go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead,” Kummer recalled. “It’s moments like that that make all the hard work worth it.”

Several graduates from the LDS Business College interior design program, including Kummer, now design temples and recently shared some of their experiences of helping to build houses of the Lord throughout the world.

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