"The Toronto Star": Mormon Mommies Have the Best Blogs

Why have Mormon mommy bloggers become so popular, even among atheists? The reasons were a little unexpected and eye-opening. Check out what The Toronto Star has to say:

They’re women who’ve had three kids before age 30, whose family photos look straight out of a J Crew catalogue, who’ve never had a sip of coffee or beer.

They’re Mormon mommy bloggers.

For the past decade, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have taken the blogosphere by storm, documenting their daily lives and amassing huge followings of Mormons and non-Mormons in the process. Atheist followers say the attraction is the escapism of picture-perfect lives filled with wholesome values and DIY crafts, while scholars say various tenets of Mormonism—sharing the faith, the value of creativity and the importance of family—make the religion a perfect fit for the blogging medium.

Utah mom Meredith Ethington, 38, saw blogging as a way to exercise her writing skills while maintaining her commitment to motherhood.

“I think a lot of (Mormon) women seek out blogging because we have talents and passions of our own and it’s a way to express those, but still be able to stay true to those core values and stay home with our kids,” said Ethington, who said the LDS Church encourages women to stay home and raise children if they’re able to.

Lead image of blogger Meredith Ethington and her family from The Toronto Star by Reaj Roberts Photography.
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