The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Powerful Sacrament Talk

Here’s some ideas on how to prepare to talk in church. The LDS Church is unique because we don’t have paid ministry. We are the ministry. It’s up to us.

Remember a sacrament meeting talk is a sacred opportunity. Take it seriously, but don’t get too stressed out.

In addition to these points you may want to review this Forbes article that helps me and my colleagues remember what is helpful from a worldly point of view: http://bit.ly/greatpresenters.

Remember you will have a little help you may not have in a business speaking opportunity:

1- Prepare yourself. Pray for the spirit. Pray for those who listen to know how much Heavenly Father loves them. Get a blessing. Fasting is probably the most powerful way to prepare yourself of all you can do. If you receive inspiration or revelation about your talk you will have done the most powerful thing you can do to prepare both yourself and your talk.

The Holy Ghost, if present, will help you speak with the tongue of an angel. Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. Read 2 Nephi 32: 2-3.

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