Things You'll Only Find in Utah: Mormon Edition

by | May 03, 2016

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From Johnny Lingo license plates to hard-core motorcyclists with an angel Moroni embroidered on their jacket, check out these amazing Mormon moments you might only find in Utah.

Many of these amazing posts come from the Only in Utah Facebook page. Click here to see more from them.

On the Road

#isthisforeal ? #onlyinutah

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Photo by LDS Living Staff

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Photo courtesy of Only In Utah

"My Honda, you ugly!" 

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Photo by LDS Living Staff

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On the Shelf

#onlyinutah 😂🙌🏼 - Credit to @mormongirlprobz - Qotd: do you have any allergies? - Aotd: noooope😳

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Haha, Walmart... #thisissotrue #solegit #onlyinutah #ilovelivinginutah #ctrrings #lds

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Out and About

Joseph Smith as a Sphinx.. #OnlyInUtah #WTF #IsThisNecessary #GilgalPark #Mormons

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Photo by Only in Utah retrieved from LDS Smile.

Getting an oil change in Orem. Impressed by the reading selection in the waiting area. #happyvalley #onlyinutah #orem #provo #bookofmormon #utah #momo #mormon #notlds

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