Watch: A New Look at How the 3 Witnesses Leaving the Church Actually Supports the Existence of the Gold Plates

Book of Mormon Central has released a new video in their series Evidences of the Book of Mormon. This video focuses on providing evidence the gold plates actually existed.

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The video discusses the testimonies of the three witnesses and the testimonies of the eight witnesses who all said they saw the plates. The three witnesses, Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer asserted that an angel showed the plates to them and the video explains the credibility and the legitimacy of their testimonies, particularly David Whitmer's, even though all three stepped away from the Church at some point.

The video also examines the testimony of the eight witnesses and dispels possibilities of collusion with the fact that three of the eight witnesses were excommunicated or left the Church. The video also addresses the argument that Joseph Smith simply fabricated the plates and dismisses it.

Finally, the video addresses the physical descriptions of the plates from secondary witnesses such as Emma Smith, Lucy Harris, and Josiah Sowell noting consistency in description despite all accounts taken at different times.

Watch the full video below or on YouTube.

Lead image a screenshot from video
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