Watch: Award-Winning Videos Beautifully Portray Faith and Why It Matters in 2-Minutes

At the 68th Annual Religion News Association Convention in Nashville Tennessee, Faith Counts announced the second annual “Film Your Faith” winner on September 8, 2017.

For the contest, Faith Counts invited anyone and everyone to create two-minute videos telling or showing why faith is important to them. Sister Neil F. Marriot helped judge the “Film Your Faith” videos.

“They were gorgeous and moving," says Marriott. “I had a really hard time voting on any one of the 10 of them. They all presented faith, which is what I wanted to hear, in different modes from rap to nature to heartfelt decisions.” 

The Grand Prize went to a video titled “Common Thread” made by Simon Rivera, featuring his small family.

Faith Counts is a non-profit representing many religions and sects. Its message is “faith counts” and to remind all that “faith plays a positive role in society.”

Watch the winning, honorable mention, and fan favorite as well as others below or on YouTube.

Grand Prize Winner: Simon Rivera

Honorable Mention: Kurticiah Thompson

Fan Favorite: Kent Thalman

Top Ten: Austin Witthuhn

Top Ten: Kristina Danka

Lead image from Faith Counts, LLC
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