Watch: Ellen Amazed by 5 LDS Tongan Sisters Who Sang 90s Mashup on Her Show

Ellen DeGeneres recently invited five LDS sisters known as "The Tonga Sisters" to perform a high-energy '90s mashup on her show. The five girls, Alexsia, Tiueti, Lela, Elisiva, and Nini, wowed the crowd with their stunning harmony. 

The girls tell Ellen that they first started singing together at church. They love '90s music because that's what their father would always play on the car radio while they were growing up. And although they still love singing and harmonizing together while cleaning or hanging out at home, the sisters now enjoy performing together all over Hawaii. 

The sisters have a variety of career interests. One wants to be a dentist, two others doctors, another a statitician, and the oldest wants to be an FBI agent or to work in the field of forensics. At the end of the show, each girl was presented with a $10,000 check from Shutterfly to help them towards college and their ambitions. 

You can see their amazing performance on Ellen and hear them talk about their varied interests below:

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