Watch: New Church Video Shares Honest, Powerful Story of Repentance

"We talk about repentance and we focus on its importance and we know that there's only one person who ever lived who doesn't need it, but when we see others around us going through it, we're not really sure how to react," Nick says in the new His Grace video "Repentance: We Are Never Alone."

Nick was faced with this when he came home from the MTC to begin his own repentance process. He says the first few weeks were full of the darkest of his life, a time where he felt a lot of shame and like he had let everyone who was important to him down. 

"Those around me did not know how they should treat me," Nick says. "They didn't know how to react."

 But with the help of others and his family, Nick was able to repent in a whole new way. 

Watch the rest of his story below: 

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