Watch: Artists Release Soul-Stirring Music Videos to Fight Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide

Working with a collaboration of Christan artists, Paul Cardall released music videos for a new Stone Angel album, Worth of Souls: Songs to Rescue & Restore Faith in Jesus Christ. Performed by over 10 contemporary Christian artists, the album features 13 beautiful songs to uplift and restore peace to troubled hearts. 

With depression, anxiety, and suicide running rampant in our society, Cardall saw a need and believed that the power of music could help. Knowing that music has been clinically proven to alleviate mental and emotional distress, he began the Worth of Souls Project and became the executive producer of this album. According to, the purpose of the campaign is to “promote the Savior's unconditional love and mercy” and to “treat symptoms of pain, depression, and anxiety through a spiritual connection with God.”

Worth of Souls is not only a reminder of the power of music therapy, but also a reminder of the healing power of the Spirit that music brings. “While God has a myriad of ways by which He can work His miracles in our lives, very often His divine Spirit heals the broken heart, plants hope, and gives perspective and purpose through the thoughtful and prayerful work of gifted and inspired musicians,” says Robert L. Millet, emeritus professor at Brigham Young University. “In that spirit, I applaud the artists and producers of Worth of Souls. Their tender and Christlike offering is a life-changing gift to all who will receive it."

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