What the Prophet and Apostles Say About Their Wives

Patricia Terry Holland,

in the words of her husband, Jeffrey R. Holland10918

Characteristic personality from Sister and Elder Holland. Photo from Mormon Newsroom.

“[She] is an extremely charitable person. She has given and given and given—of her time and of her love—all her life”  (from "Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles").


-Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Patricia, were high school sweethearts. She was a cheerleader; he lettered in football, basketball, track, and baseball.

-While Elder Holland was president of BYU, he and his wife would jointly introduce devotionals. Students affectionately called it “The Pat and Jeff Show.”

From “Miracles of the Restoration” (his first talk in general conference):

I wish to thank my beloved wife, Pat, and our heaven-sent children for their prayers and their love, not only through these recent weeks, but always. My wife has the purest faith and deepest spirituality I know. Never in her entire life has she sought her own reward or pursued a selfish motive. Paraphrasing what Mark Twain’s Adam said of his Eve, I say of her, Wherever she was, there was paradise.

From “The Other Prodigal”:

I believe God is with us the way my precious wife, Pat, is with my singing. She is a gifted musician, something of a musical genius, but I couldn’t capture a musical note with Velcro. And yet I know she loves me in a very special way when I try to sing. I know that because I can see it in her eyes. They are the eyes of love.

From “Are You True?,” their very first devotional together at BYU:

She does not know I’m going to do this, but I need my wife, Pat, to come up here with me. (I told the freshman young men on Friday that if they studied really, really hard, this is what they got at BYU.) I’d like her to share with you a few of her thoughts this morning, if you would.

Sister Patricia T. Holland

He promised me he would never do this to me, and he may be the first president to start his new administration with a black eye.

I told the new freshmen a couple of days ago that a little less than a hundred years ago, I was a new student here, facing all of the challenges, trying to find the right buildings, and wondering if I’d succeed. Now, for some reason, I’m feeling all those feelings again. I guess the only thing that’s redeeming about my experience this time is that I do feel we were called by a prophet and thus by our Heavenly Father to serve you in this capacity. . . .

President Jeffrey R. Holland

Thank you sweetheart. You’re going to see a lot of her, for we want to approach this task together. We believe that says something about what this Church believes in and what this school stands for, and I’m grateful to have her at my side.

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Photo from Mormon Newsroom

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