Where Have all the Super Miracles Gone?

I have have had the privilege of witnessing miracles, of many kinds, throughout my life. They are things I hold very sacred, and don’t share them lightly. Nor should you.

Mind you, as we have been studying the Old Testament this year in Gospel Doctrine, it is apparent that those people saw all sorts of crazy, ‘epic’ super-miracles. Plagues, parting the sea, manna from heaven, flying fiery serpent bites – and we are only through the book of Numbers! We haven’t even gotten to the deadly hemorrhoids, (link) or the sun standing still. (link)

But the more I learn about these super miracles, the less impressed I am by them. I’m not so sure that they were all that effective. Let me give you some examples from different volumes of scripture to make the point:

Who was rescued by God in dramatic fashion, led through the parted Red Sea, fed by miraculous manna every day for 40 years, but still couldn’t ever figure out that they needed to be obedient and grateful? The Children of Israel.

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