Young Men Lesson 3: Sons of the Living God

by | Jan. 14, 2011

Young Men

Discussion Questions
  • What are some characteristics of your Father in Heaven and how will working to acquire them help you in your life?
  • How does knowing you are a son of God affect your daily decisions?
  • What can you remember about your Heavenly Father that will help you avoid comparing yourself to others?

"Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ"

Some wonder, why is belief in God so important? Why did the Savior say, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent”? 2

Without God, life would end at the grave and our mortal experiences would have no purpose. Growth and progress would be temporary, accomplishment without value, challenges without meaning. There would be no ultimate right and wrong and no moral responsibility to care for one another as fellow children of God. Indeed, without God, there would be no mortal or eternal life.

If you or someone you love is seeking purpose in life or a deeper conviction of God’s presence in our lives, I offer, as a friend and as an Apostle, my witness. He lives!

Some may ask, how can I know this for myself? We know He lives because we believe the testimonies of His ancient and living prophets, and we have felt God’s Spirit confirm that the testimonies of these prophets are true.

From their testimonies, recorded in holy scripture, we know that “[God] created man, male and female, after his own image and in his own likeness.” 3 Some people may be surprised to learn that we look like God. One prominent religious scholar has even taught that imagining God in the form of man is creating a graven image and is idolatrous and blasphemous. 4 But God Himself said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” 5

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