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A Letter Written by Jesus' Brother & What All Mormons Can Learn from It


MR says: Learn how a letter written by the brother of Jesus Christ influences every Mormon today and how, without it, our Church would not exist in the first place.

Suppose, while browsing in a library of ancient manuscripts, you noticed a letter purportedly written by the brother of Jesus Christ. Would you be interested in reading a translation of that letter?

Most of us have a copy of such a letter. We know it as the General Epistle of James, who was the half-brother of Jesus. James addressed his letter to “the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad.” . . .

Only a few pages in length, the Epistle of James contains the essence of Christianity. Among the important teachings of James are those that have to do with pure religion, faith and works, the need to control the unruly tongue, an exhortation to patience, calling the elders for a blessing when sick, and the desirability of being an instrument of conversion in the life of even one other person. (See Bible Dictionary, “James, Epistle of.”)

One verse in particular is very familiar to Latter-day Saints.

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