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A simple object lesson about how to ‘seek Jesus’ that really makes it click

What started out as a joke turned into a powerful realization about how to recognize Jesus’s influence in my life.
Michelle Wilson

My house was buzzing with happy noise. My daughter had just gotten married that morning. All of my kids, grandkids, and extended family had flown into town for the occasion.

But I sat at the edge of my kitchen table, completely focused on my sandwich and a thousand other details in my head.

I was going through the list of what still needed to be done that day when my daughter-in-law said something like, “Why are there so many Jesuses?”

I heard her but didn’t look up. I have quite a few paintings of Jesus on my walls, and I figured she was talking about those. But I did wonder why she was asking about them now. They’d been hanging up for years now.

Then my husband came down the stairs and said, “What’s up with all the little Jesuses everywhere?”

I looked, now totally confused.

This is when someone pointed out a miniature rubber Jesus minifigure, about an inch and a half tall. He has a smile on his face and his arms stretched out wide, sitting on my bookshelf.

A Jesus figurine on a bookshelf.
Michelle Wilson

Someone else pointed to another minifigure on the top of my fridge. Then one on my pepper shaker.

This is when I noticed the smirk on my middle daughter’s face. I pressed, but Paige refused to tell me who was behind the minifigures. Finally, my sister-in-law confessed: With the help of others, she had hidden fifty of them around my home as a joke.

As I looked around, I saw even more of them. On my floating shelf. On my mantle. In my decorative mug.

A figurine in a decorative mug.
Michelle Wilson

There were, indeed, Jesuses everywhere.

Over the next few days, two powerful realizations hit me.

  1. I had been so focused on my to-do list that I had failed to see what was all around me. It was only when I lifted my eyes and began looking where people were pointing that I really saw what had been there the whole time.
  2. Once I knew there were more minifigures of Jesus around my home, I began to search for them, to not just see them, but to seek them. And when I did, I found them.

In the April 2024 General Conference, Elder Uchtdorf said, “We rarely find something we are not looking for.”

Over the next few days, I found one in my door jamb, one in a mug hanging from my floating shelves, and one in my makeup drawer. There were four on a set of shelves, one on my banister, and one in my cupboard next to my olive oil.

I’ve kept every single figure where I’ve found them because each one is a powerful reminder to me of this simple, but true message:

Jesus—the real Jesus—is everywhere. And if we look for Him, we’ll see Him in our lives.

Jesus Himself says, “Seek and ye shall find” (Matthew 7:7)

And when do look up and seek Him, I do find Him everywhere.

I see His strength holding up my children. I feel His love heal my aching heart. I watch Him change my weaknesses. I rejoice in His patience. I am calmed by His care for those I love. I hear Him in the scriptures I read and the music I listen to. I feel Him as I serve.

As you seek Him, chances are, you will find Him. He’ll be in your smiles and tears, your pleading and your rejoicing. He is written in your heart and on your mind.

He is your advocate with the Father as you pray in His name. He is in every covenant you make, and every ordinance you participate in.

He is there, with you, guiding you, changing you, loving you, and saving you and those you love. Always.

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