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After Dedication of New Temple, President Uchtdorf Shares Unforgettable Message About the Lord's House


On the morning of August 13, 2017, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf dedicated the Tucson Arizona Temple, the sixth temple dedicated in Arizona.

During the dedication, President Uchtdorf said, “The temple is the place to teach the purpose of life. It is the moment where the world around us hopefully will see with us the goodness of the House of the Lord." 

Later that day, President Uchtdorf shared this timely and needed message about the temple:

Today was a day of beginning and a day of celebration, thanks to the events surrounding the now-dedicated Tucson Arizona Temple. Today’s dedication has caused me to ponder on how we each have a spiritual legacy. The way we use the days to come to build our own spiritual legacy is in our hands.
I was honored to participate in the dedicatory sessions of this new temple, and I marvel at the fact that there now are six temples in Arizona—with 151 more around the world to proclaim holiness to the Lord!
The temple has always been significant in my life. When I received my temple endowment, the ordinances impressed me deeply. I learned in the temple about divine principles that helped me prepare for my life. These divine principles have continued to bless me ever since.
I learned in the temple that all men and women are equal in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. In the temple we accept the same covenants. We receive the same blessings. No one is privileged above another—regardless of nationality, gender, education, political orientation, background, or position in life.
When you come to the temple with the strength of pure hearts and the courage of clean hands, you will discover for yourselves, by the power of the Spirit, that the temple is a source of divine hope, faith, and peace, even in the most difficult times. I invite you to come and feel that spirit for yourself.

For more about the temple dedication and cultural celebration, check out these incredible videos from Mormon Newsroom.

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Tucson Arizona Temple Is Dedicated
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Tucson Arizona Temple Cultural Celebration
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