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After Her Brother's Sudden Death the Day of His Daughter's Wedding, LDS Mother of 3 Gets Diagnosed with Cancer, Finds Hope in Faith


KSL shared the following story of a woman living in Springville, Utah, who was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after her brother's sudden death on the day of his daughter's wedding. After a priesthood blessing from her father assured her that no matter what, she would be okay, she continues to fight through her diagnosis with faith.

Within just a few weeks, Springville resident Jessica Cox was faced with two devastating trials: the death of her older brother John Krutsch at the age of 45 and a cancer diagnosis.

Krutsch was 13 years her senior and shared her birthday. As she was growing up, he would take her to lunch and a movie as he received his paychecks, and he would buy her a new dress. On May 6 — the morning of his youngest daughter’s wedding — he passed away from a heart attack, most likely related to diabetes, according to Cox.

"We knew John would want us to go on with the wedding," Cox said. "So we all rallied and went on with the sealing, and I did her wedding cake still and my sister was in town and we just all rallied together to decorate and just take care of her as John would want us to."

That night, Cox began experiencing flu like symptoms and she couldn’t stay warm. The next morning, she woke up with more than 20 black bruises on the back of her calves. Her symptoms worsened in the following weeks, and she was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia May 27.

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