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After Looking for Every Fault in Mormonism, Here's What Brought a BYU Professor Back to the Church


While speaking to his friend who was also a BYU professor, Greg Trimble explains the remarkable thing that brought this friend back to the gospel after looking for every fault in Mormonism. 

I was meeting a friend at this Provo Magelby’s for a conversation over breakfast. This friend of mine is a very well respected religious professor at BYU. The guy knows languages galore and has more energy for the gospel and helping others than I’ve witnessed in most human beings.

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As we sat and conversed over breakfast burritos, endless pancakes, and some crazy little buttery syrup sort of thing, he told me of his journey in and out of faith, in and out of the church, and of his struggle with the academic and intellectual side of Mormonism and with faith in God in general.

His academic training took place in some of the most rigorous and famous of Ivy League religious departments. He explained some of the expectations placed upon him while researching ancient texts through the lens of a secular analyst and told of his subsequent journey down the road of cynicism and doubt.

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