Amazon's Alexa Can Now Play LDS Hymns and Primary Songs


You can now ask Alexa (Amazon's Echo device) to play LDS hymns and Primary songs. 

If you have an Amazon Echo device, you can now teach it to play LDS hymns and Primary songs. Use it for singing along in Family Home Evening, at bedtime, in Primary sharing time or singing time, or any other time you want to use hymns from the LDS Hymnbook or songs from the Church’s Children’s Songbook.

Roger Pimentel, an LDS man who works as a product manager at Amazon, created these Alexa skills. He explains he built them “for own our use for singing along in FHE, and I’d love to have you give it a try and let me know your feedback.” Roger also explains that they “could also be fun to use in a Primary calling, in a class or in sharing time/singing time.”

Lead images from Wikimedia Commons and LDS Media Talk
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