Andrew C. Skinner

June 13, 2019 05:45 PM MDT
From Luke's inspired description, we begin to comprehend that the Savior's anguish and suffering was unrelenting. In fact, it increased and increased— more pressure, more torture, more agony. "And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly" (Luke 22:44). Here the Savior of the universe teaches us through his experience that all prayers are not alike, nor are they expected to be. A greater need, a more intense life circumstance, calls forth from us more earnest, faith-filled petition and pleading.
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June 13, 2019 11:13 AM MDT
While we have no way of definitively knowing the identity of the angel who visited Jesus in Gethsemane, here are some fascinating insights from Andrew Skinner's book Gethsemane.
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August 20, 2018 03:58 PM MDT
As is taught in the temple, the Lord has always required his people to offer sacrifice, from the time of our first parents onward. The type and place of sacrifice have changed over the ages, but the fundamental principles undergirding the doctrine of sacrifice have not. Righteous sacrifices are really symbols of our obedience to the Lord, of Jesus Christ and His atonement, of our desire to imitate the Savior and live as He does. Our offering of sacrifice demonstrates our commitment to follow the Lord above anyone or anything else.
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March 19, 2018 12:00 PM MDT
What do we know about God's glory and intelligence? Here are four insights from prophets ancient and modern.
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February 28, 2018 07:35 PM MST
We could discuss many other qualities that God possesses, along with scriptural or prophetic verification. But one attribute of God seems to undergird and overarch all the rest: God is love (1 John4:8). He is the complete embodiment of that quality. To me, this means that God’s attribute of perfect love influences, shapes, and mediates all of his other qualities and characteristics.
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June 30, 2017 09:15 AM MDT
In the following excerpt from To Become Like God: Witnesses to Our Divine Potential,LDS scholar Andrew C. Skinner explains how the meaning of Elohim supports one of Mormonism's most cherished doctrines.
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