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Ask Angela: How to Act on Decisions You Don’t Want to Make

Ask Angela: How to Act on Decisions You Don’t Want to Make

Dear Angela:

I’m dealing with a big decision that is just messing with my head. My loved ones have spent hours giving me advice on the issue, but I still feel unsure of what to do. This uncertainty is causing me a lot of emotional pain and angst. 

Finally, tonight, I talked to my parents. My dad gave me advice that I didn’t want to hear, but it sounds (and deep down feels) right. How do I start following his advice when my mind and heart still feel so torn? I feel stuck in this place of indecision. Any advice?


I Want Peace


Dear I Want Peace, 

1. You have to make a decision. More painful than making the wrong decision is living in the land of indecision. We’re happiest when we’re doing something, acting for ourselves, in charge of our lives – even if our circumstances aren’t rosy and perfect. You will feel better as soon as you make a choice and commit to it.

2. Make a plan, work your plan. Strong plans lead to success. Is your brain fuzzy about what to do because you don’t have a plan? Maybe you think you have a plan, but have you written it down? Take the time to do that. What’s step one? What’s step two? Be specific, provide room for flexibility and write it down. 

3. Things don’t always feel right, right away. Even with a good plan you may continue to feel unsure about things all the way up until step 8. That’s okay. Let your plan guide you and your heart/gut will catch up. 

4. Do your best. When we humbly try our best and we do things with the intent to love and serve a cause greater than ourselves we can choose to have peace. We will make mistakes but when our intentions are positive, things will work out.

I hope this helps, keep us in the loop!



Readers: These are just a few tips for our friend to try, what advice would you give?

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