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At BYU, Colbie Caillat Talks Body Image, BYU Research, and Unexpected Rise to Fame


Learn more about Colbie Caillat's unexpected rise to fame and the inspiring research a BYU professor is conducting thanks to her music by clicking the link below.

When Sarah Coyne first heard pop singer Colbie Caillat's song "Try" on the radio, she didn't just go out and buy the album — she turned it into a research project. . . .

On Friday afternoon, Coyne got the chance to tell Caillat about her research in person. The pop singer, known for hits such as “Bubbly,” “Realize” and “Fallin’ for You,” is a featured guest with David Archuleta at this year’s BYU Spectacular, one of many events during the school’s homecoming week. Caillat took a break from rehearsals to meet and chat with about 200 students on the campus. The singer was honored when Coyne, who attended the Q&A session with her students, raised her hand to tell Caillat about the research her music inspired.

“Well thank you, first of all. That’s amazing. I appreciate that,” Caillat told Coyne. “Forever, women have been expected to be a certain way, look a certain way. I know for me … I was never the girly-girl. When I first started touring, I didn’t even wear makeup — I wore jeans. … And then I started being told I needed to look differently because I was going to be on TV. … All of that starts getting put in your head and if you don’t have a strong enough sense of what you believe or who you are, you can easily get worried by it — I was for a certain amount of time.”

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