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BYU Professor's App Helps You Record Your Dreams and See What They Mean


What an interesting way for recording dreams and finding out their potential meaning. 

BYU professor James Gaskin comes from a long line of dreamers: His grandparents kept dream journals, his parents could easily recount their dreams and he remembers some of his from when he was as young as 3 years old. In a given week, he notes, he could tell you five of his dreams.

But while dreaming comes easy to Gaskin, he also realizes that more is not known about dreams than is known. What does it mean if you dream you're flying? Who are people most likely to dream about? And why do dreams even matter?

The naturally curious Gaskin and some colleagues have come up with a free app for Android and iPhone that lets people detail their dreams, compare their dreams to those of others who use the app and even find popular, possible interpretations of common dream elements to untangle meanings.

Lead image from the Deseret News
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