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Changes announced for reserving Church recreation sites

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced changes to how members can schedule use of the Church’s recreational properties.

Young Women groups will continue to have the first opportunity to schedule Church-owned recreational properties in the United States and Canada. But starting in 2024, Young Men groups will have increased accessibility for reserving camps, as well as larger stake groups. Sites can also be reserved for stake youth combined activities.

Additionally, Church recreation camps can now be used for youth conferences, although it is not required or expected.

As part of the changes, these Church camp areas will now be referred to as “youth camps” rather than “young women camps.”

The changes were outlined in a letter dated September 7 and sent to the following leaders in the United States and Canada: stake Young Women leaders, including camp specialists; stake Young Men leaders, including camp specialists; bishoprics and branch presidencies; Aaronic Priesthood quorum advisers and specialists; ward Young Women leaders, including camp specialists; camp managers and camp schedulers; with copies to General Authorities; General officers; stake presidencies; directors of temporal affairs; and Meetinghouse Facilities Department employees.

After youth groups have the chance to schedule stake and ward camps, use of the properties by other Church organizations is encouraged.

“The primary purpose of the recreational properties is not for family reunions or other non-Church activities,” the letter said. “Members are only able to reserve the camps for family or personal use if there are remaining reservation slots available after all the needs of official Church programs are met.”

Units can begin scheduling reservations on September 25 at Leaders are encouraged to explore the website before their assigned registration week.

You can see the full letter sent to Church leaders here and read this article in its entirety on Church News.

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