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Changes announced to seminary credit requirements and objective statement

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New changes announced by Seminaries and Institutes of Religion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—including updates to the official objective statement and seminary credit requirements—are meant to help instructors create experiences that will help deepen students’ conversion to the Savior Jesus Christ.

Chad H. Webb, the Church’s administrator of seminaries and institutes, highlighted the changes during a training broadcast for instructors, administrators, and other Church Educational System employees during the 2023 Seminaries and Institutes Annual Training Broadcast on Friday, Jan. 27.

“Whatever may change or might be emphasized in our efforts to effectively teach the gospel, what will never change is that we will be Christ–centered, learner–focused and scripture-based,” said Webb. “And we will always strive to infuse our teaching and learning experiences with the inspiration and witness of the Holy Ghost.

“All we do should deepen conversion to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel because He is the answer to [students’] challenges and questions.”

Also during the annual training broadcast, Elder Clark G. Gilbert, General Authority Seventy and Church commissioner of education, announced five prophetic emphases for seminary and institute students, influenced by the teachings of President Russell M. Nelson and other Church leaders.

  1. Know your divine identity.
  2. Draw on the power of Jesus Christ and your covenants.
  3. Let God prevail, and follow His prophet.
  4. Teach truth with love.
  5. Take charge of your testimony.

What are the changes for seminary credit?

Regarding the changes made for seminary credit, Webb announced the seminary student learning assessment will move from an individual assessment to a group review. Also, instead of reading in the assigned book of scripture for the course of study for 75% of semester calendar days, students will be required to read selected scriptural passages each term and then create additional personalized reading goals.

You can read the full story on Church News.

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