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Church Launches Mother's Day Initiative: #TimeForMom

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#TimeForMom: Make a Mother's Day Happy

This Mother's Day, the Church is challenging everyone to make a mother's day happy. 

"Starting Friday, join us to see how much time we can give back to moms within 48 hours," the official campaign page explains. It also encourages participants to use the #TimeForMom hashtag. 

The campaign suggests five things to do to give back to a mom you know:

  • Write a note to mom. Make sure, the official page says, to "tell your mom or a mom you know how she has inspired you."
  • Give an hour to mom. In that hour, you can "support your mom or a mom in need."
  • Get to know mom. The Ensign has a great list of ideas for how you can "learn about and spend time with your mom."
  • Record a memory of mom. Make sure you "preserve mom's story," in video, audio, or written format. 
  • Give back to mom. Serve the moms in your life. 

Don't forget to share your efforts on social media using the hashtag #TimeForMom to inspire others to give back to mothers everywhere. 
Share your time. Share the moment. Make a mother's day happy. 

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