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Church Releases Improved Calling Management Tools for Ward Leaders

I mentioned previously that ward leaders would soon be able to manage home and visiting teaching and callings on from any internet-connected device without having to use MLS on the computer at the church. It’s now here. (At least for my ward. If you can’t get access as described in this article, don’t worry. It will be coming to your ward very soon.)

In fact, you will no longer able to update callings and home/visiting teaching in MLS. Eventually, the stand-alone MLS program will just be a tool to manage finances.

You can access Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) by clicking My Account and Ward in the upper right corner of, and then selecting Leader and Clerk Resources. Or you can get there directly at

Below is a list of reports and functions you can now access in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR):

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