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Church Releases Statement on Missionaries Injured in Serious Car Accident


One man was killed and four missionaries and a church member injured in a serious car accident on Wednesday in Sierra Leone.

Two of those in the mission van were taken to a hospital in Ghana with severe injuries while two others are still recovering from their injuries in a hospital in Sierra Leone.

Eric Hawkins, spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, released the following statement about the accident:

On Wednesday, August 24th, four missionaries and one member from the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission in Africa were involved in a serious vehicle accident. Their van was hit by another vehicle, which was attempting to pass a truck on the highway. Tragically, the driver of that vehicle died in the accident. We pray for his family and loved ones as they mourn their loss.
Each of the people in the mission van received injuries, some quite severe. Two of the missionaries have been transported by air ambulance to Ghana for more extensive care. Two are recovering in a hospital in Sierra Leone, and one has been released and is recovering well. Medical advisors from Church headquarters and the local area have been closely involved in their care since the accident occurred and will continue to work with the medical teams that are caring for them.
The names of those involved are as follows: • Elder Luke P. Dunn from Salt Lake City, Utah • Elder Augustine Biney-Amissah from Breman Asikuma, Ghana • Elder Nicklaus M. Spaulding from Nibley, Utah • Elder Isaac Boateng from Moree, Ghana • Brother Marcus Wallace from Sierra Leone
We request the prayers and faith of all in behalf of these missionaries and their families.

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